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Fesco Online Bill Introduction

If you are not able to get access to your offline bill, you can even check your fesco bill online conveniently. The first thing you need is a reference number which will be find on your prevoiusl bill. Your reference number is placed under your consumer ID. After getting this reference number, type it into the above input and you will be able to access your WAPDA Bill. After getting your fesco bill online, you may look at the amount and proceed with your online payment. The steps for online payment are mentioned below.

How To Check Fesco Bill Online

  1. Find the Reference Number From your previous bill
  2. Input the reference number in the above input-box
  3. Click on view bill to view the bill
  4. Click on print to print or save your bill
fesco bill guide

What is FESCO?

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) is an electricity-supplying company that originated in Faisalabad. It has over 4 million customers that consume electricity, rounding up the total population under FESCO to over 26 million. The reason why millions of consumers use this company is because of how efficient their service is, including FESCO online bills. While being the sole electric company in Pakistan, it also offers low wastage of electricity and effective billing methods. The areas where Fesco gives its services are:

  • Faisalabad
  • Mianwali
  • Khusab
  • Sargodha
  • Jhang
  • Bakhar
  • Chiniot
  • Toba-tak singh

FESCO Bill Payment

Offline Bill Payment

The first method of paying Fesco bills is by going to the branches of FESCO banks that are situated in the areas mentioned above. You may use this method of payment in case there are issues with your network. The main thing you must bring is a printed copy of the fesco bill, otherwise, the payment will not be accepted.  

Online Bill Payment

The second method of payment is through Fesco online bills. This can be done by gathering your private bank information first, which you can do by going to your bank’s branch. Then, you must download their mobile banking app to process the fesco online bill. After adding the beneficiary, you will be good to go. Additionally, if you don’t possess an online banking system then other mediums can also be used. This includes EasyPaisa and Jazz Cash.

Fesco Email Billing

Another great way to receive fesco online bill is by using their email billing services. To enable this feature, you need an active email account. After going to the email billing website, you can enter your email address and reference number to get registered. This way, you will be able to receive your fesco online bill prior to the usual bill dates.

Fesco SMS Billing

Moreover, if you don’t have a functioning email address, you can also receive your fesco bill online by registering your number. Go to this website, and enter your mobile number along with your reference number. Whenever your fesco online bill will be due, you will receive an SMS about it.

Transferring Connections

In case your commercial or residential property was previously registered with Fesco, there is a way to renew it. You will have to follow the same steps to have a new suppliance of electricity. Furthermore, try visiting their nearest branch to change the billing names and information of fesco online bill.

Types of Taxes

When you receive your fesco WAPDA bill, some of these taxes might be mentioned. It is important to get familiar with the terms to avoid future confusion.

Quarterly Tariff

After every 3 months, your bill fesco bill might be renewed. After every 2 weeks, you must check this amount so that this quarterly tax can be cleared.

Deferred Amount

You can pay the fesco bill over a span of thirty days. There is a choice for you if you are not able to pay this tax during the same month.

Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA)

This FPA is related to the cost of fuel that companies use to generate electricity from sources such as oil. Whenever there is a change in fuel prices, this tax also changes with it.

Online Complaint

In case you have any issues with the power supply, or with paying your wapda bill, you visit their offices and file your complaint. But this method might be very time-consuming. So, you can even file an online complaint about your electricity or online bill. You can go to this website and fill out all the required forms. After entering your personal information, you must choose FESCO as your agency and tell them your problem. After that, type in your security code and hit send.

What to do if you lose your fesco bill?

If you lose your original fesco bill, you can even get a fesco duplicate bill by filing for a duplicate bill. Go to their main website and type in your reference number to get the fesco duplicate bill. 

Fesco Helpline

Address: Faisalabad Electric Supply Company,
West Canal Road, Abdullah Pur, Faisalabad,

Contact: 0419220184

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