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How to check your IESCO Online Bill?

To check your IESCO bill online, you will need to find your reference number from your old IESCO bill, it is mentioned below your consumer ID. Copy your reference number and put it in the input box and click View Bill. You will see your latest IESCO bill online. One important thing is that there are two numbers, one is a consumer ID and the other is your reference number so always select the right option to mitigate any confusion.

How To Find Reference Number?

check iesco bill online

Introduction of IESCO

IESCO stands for Islamabad Electric Supply Company, and it was formed in 1998. IESCO is responsible to deliver and maintain the electricity supply to the following cities.

  • Islamabad Capital Territory and its surrounding cities
  • Attock
  • Chakwal
  • Rawalpindi

How to pay your IESCO bill?

You can pay your electricity bills in two ways, one is manual and the other is an online payment. To pay your IESCO bill manually you will need to take your bill with you and visit any bank or retailer shops such as Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, or any other available utility bill payment service. But in this method, you might spend a lot of your precious time due to rush as a large number of people will also be there for their IESCO bill submission.

The easiest and time-saving way is an online payment and for this, there is no need to go outside of your home/office even you can pay your IESCO bills online from your bed by using your mobile phone, using these apps you can pay your bills online Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, HBL Mobile App on your mobile phone, laptop, or your computer. Just visit the website/app, add your reference number and your bill is ready to payment procedure.

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What do you find when visiting the IESCO website?

When you visit the company website, first you will see a user-friendly and attractive dashboard filled with tons of helpful information about your IESCO online bills, load-shedding schedules, customer support numbers, and all ongoing projects.

Email Alerts

You can receive your IESCO online bill alerts. For this service, you will need to visit the company website and add your email for your monthly subscription. After submitting your email, you will then receive your IESCO online bills before the actual dates on your email. It gives you a chance to see or adjust your IESCO bill in case it has any discrepancies.

IESCO in your mobile phones:

For the ease of all IESCO potential customers, the company has developed an android and IOS application so you can now avail services, including IESCO online bills on your mobile phones by just using the mobile applications.

New or Existing Connection:

If you want a new electricity connection or want to upgrade your existing connection, then you can also submit your application. All information is available on the IESCO website.

Annoying Taxes:


Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) is an adjustment in the electricity rate reflecting the fuel cost used to generate electricity. You can see this adjustment on your IESCO bills. It is used to ensure that consumers pay the same rate for electricity, irrespective of the development cost.

TR Surcharge: 

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (TRS) is deducted from electricity customers on IESCO bills to recompense the electricity utility for the costs related to charging different prices for various consumers.

Deferred Amount: 

IESCO gives you an opportunity by allowing customers to pay at a later date. This is for the ease of all consumers so that they can pay their IESCO bills after the due dates.

QTR Tariff: 

This stands for the Quarterly tariff adjustment amount. After every quarter or 3 months, this tax amount might appear on your IESCO online bill.

IESCO Installments:

Company facilitates all its customers by cutting their larger IESCO bills into small installments so that they can submit all under their budget.

Customer Support Portal:

If you want to submit your complaints or have any queries, then it is very easy to approach IESCO complaints or customer care representatives. You can utilize this service by visiting the website or mobile application.

IESCO Help line and Phone Numbers




You can personally visit their field offices to highlight or resolve your issues where you can meet their representatives.

IESCO’s head office address is Street,40. Sector G-7/4 Islamabad 

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