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Check Free MEPCO Online Bill 2023


What is MEPCO?

MEPCO stands for Multan Electric Power Company. It is a public company that was established in 1998. Since then, it has been working to provide electricity to the people of Multan and South Punjab. The cities in which MEPCO supplies electricity are:

MultanBahawalnagarRahim Yar KhanDera Ghazi Khan

How to see MEPCO Online Bill

To pay your mepco bill online you must access it through our website. After going here, enter your reference number of 14 digits. Then, click on view bill and your bill will pop up on screen. It only takes a reference number to see this. If you wish to see your old mepco WAPDA bill then you can access it from the website too.

To get the reference number, just look at any old bill you can find. It will be next to the customer ID. Remember that if you want to view the duplicate bill then you can do that through this reference number as well by going to the same website. After that, you can either download the bill or print it and take it to their office for offline payments. If you live in Lahore, you can check your lesco bill here. 

Steps for checking MEPCO Bill Online

  1. Enter your reference number.
  2. Click on “View Bill”
  3. Click on “View Full Bill” to see the full version.
  4. Download or print the bill.

Where to find Reference Number

mepco bill online

Bill Payment Option

In order to pay your mepco bill, you can use any of the two methods below:

  • Physical: In this method, you can physically visit your nearest branch to pay your bill. All you need to do is print a copy of the mepco bill and submit it along with your due charges. This method is suitable if you don’t know how to pay online or you don’t have internet access to the mepco online bill. However, it can cause many disturbances which is why there is a second option.
  • Remote: You can also pay your mepco online bill remotely. First, you must go to your respective bank account branch and gather all the important documents. Then, download their mobile banking app and add mepco as your beneficiary. After getting your mepco bill online you can pay the amount. If you don’t have internet banking then you can also use Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa. This method of paying your mepco online bill is very hassle-free as you don’t need to stand in lanes or wait at counters.

MEPCO Bill Email

If you want to have a monthly subscription, go to their official website and provide your email address along with your reference number. This way you will receive your mepco bill online before the actual due date. This is great for monthly reminders where you don’t have to manually enter your information to access your mepco bill online. Instead, it will come to you automatically.  

New Connection

In case you have a new residential or commercial property, you will have to follow the same steps as you do for a new connection. You can either change the name or renew your connection completely.

MEPCO Online Bill Application

Visiting the website over and over again can be troublesome. Mepco has developed an android application on which you can register yourself using your reference number. You can download the application. This way, you can easily access the mepco bill at any time.

Types of Taxes

On your mepco bills, you might see some of the following taxes:

  • FPA: This stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. Whenever the price of fuel goes up or down, this tax amount changes. Electricity-supplying companies use this fuel to generate power.
  • TR Surcharge: This stands for Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. It is the tariff difference between NEPRA and GOP.
  • Deferred Amount: This amount is charged when you decide to pay some of your mepco bills later. It gets transferred to next month’s bill as an installment.
  • QTR Tariff: This refers to the Quarterly tariff adjustment amount. After every 3 months, this tax amount might appear on your mepco online bill.


If you have any issues with MEPCO’s electricity or mepco bill payment, you can register a complaint at the following numbers: 061-9210389 and 061-9210334.

Or you can also go to any of the branches nearby and register your complaint physically. You will have to fill some forms and submit then at their office.

MEPCO Helpline

Number: +92 619220313

Address: Mepco Complex, Khanewal Rd, MEPCO Colony, Multan, Punjab.

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