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Introduction to HESCO?

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company provides electricity to consumers of southern districts except Karachi across Sindh province of Pakistan. HESCO is owned and functioned by WAPDA.

HESCO guarantees uninterrupted electric supply to 1,138,328 customers, Company contains four operation Circles, fifteen Divisions, and sixty-seven Sub-divisions.

How to check HESCO bill online:

See the following HESCO online bill guide:

You can easily check for your HESCO electricity bill online bill but for that you will require a 14 digits reference number and put it in the search bar on our Website. After putting your reference number you a popup screen will be shown having your HESCO online bill.

Now a simple question is, how to find your reference number?

If you do not know that where to find your reference number then there is no need to worry about, just take your older HESCO bill and copy your reference number. It is right below your consumer ID.

hesco online bill reference number

Paying your HESCO bill.

Paying your HESCO bill is very simple and we are going to discuss it here. There are two main ways to pay for your utility bill. First way is an online source and second is paying it manually. In the following lines we will elaborate on both ways in detail.

First we will discuss the online way as it is the easiest method to pay your HESCO online bills. For this method you will need an internet connection and a device which can be a mobile phone, a tablet, laptop, or a personal computer. After that just visit our website and put your reference number in the required field. Download your HESCO online bill and pay it on any banking website or mobile banking service.

You can use mobile finance applications such as U-Paisa, Jazz Cash, or Telenor Easy Paisa. Put your credentials and pay your bills. In this method you will save both your time and energy.

Manual bill paying method is a bit hectic. You will need to visit any bank or any retail outlet along with your bill copy. In this method, you will spend a lot of your time while waiting for your turn in long queues as there might be other people to pay their HESCO bills.

HESCO duplicate bills

Sometimes you are not able to find your bill due to any reason so in such matters, you can find your old or duplicate bill by leveraging HESCO duplicate bill utility. Just use your 14 digit reference number and see your HESCO bills online.

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HESCO on your mobile phones

You can find a HESCO mobile application on play store. You can easily download the application and use all of HESCO services. You can also pay your bills by using this application.

Company Website

HESCO has an attractive and user-friendly website with a lot of options where you can see your bill details, public notices, media details, and load management, departmental polices, careers, new connections, downloads, departmental routine functions, and much more.

Customer Support Portal

You can share all of your queries and concerns regarding your HESCO bills with company customer support representatives and their contact numbers are # 03372192750 | 03372192752 | 03372192751.

HESCO head office address is: HESCO Headquarter WAPDA Complex, Hussainabad Hyderabad Sindh.

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