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What will you find in this SEPCO online bill guide?

  1. How to find your SEPCO bill online?
  2. Where you can find you reference number?
  3. SEPCO bill paying methods.
  4. SEPCO website and mobile application.
  5. Customer care support.
  6. SEPCO head office address and contact information.

Now we will elaborate our above points to guide you in a better way.

Introduction to SEPCO.

SEPCO stands for Sukkur Electric Power Company, and is responsible for ensuring seamless electric supply to the districts of Sukkur, Dadu, and Larkana in Sindh province. Initially SEPCO was the part of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) but later in 16 august 2010, it came into existence as a separate government electricity supply entity which performs it’s all operations under WAPDA rules and regulations.

Finding of your SEPCO bill:

You can find your SEPCO bill on our Website. Find the reference number from your previous bill input it in above box and click on View Bill and your SEPCO bill will be shown.

Where you can find your reference number:

You must have your old SEPCO bills so please pick any older bill and copy your reference number, it is just below the consumer ID. You just need to copy this number and paste it in the search box in our website. If you follow this helpful information then you will see your SEPCO online bill on your screen.

sepco online bill reference

SEPCO online bill payment:

Cutting long story into short and keep it simple so that you can easily understand it. There are two main methods to pay your SEPCO bills. One is the manual and second is online method.

For your ease we will discuss both separately. So let’s get into this…

You can pay your SEPCO Bill online and for that you will need your mobile, laptop, or a personal computer and most important, the internet. Just login to our website, copy your credentials and login into any online payment portal such as banks, mobile payment options, including Jazz Cash, Telenor Easy Paisa, or U-Paisa, etc. By following this method, you easily pay your bills without going outside and facing any issues.

The other option is the physical way of submitting your SEPCO online bills. For that you have to visit any bank branch or retailors to pay your bills, there you may face long waiting queues which is quite annoying.

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SEPCO Website and Mobile Application:

Company gives an awesome way to share all of its information through an attractive and user-friendly website and a mobile application. As in today life every single individual has a smart phone so company gives you an opportunity to see all of your bill details on your smart phones or company website.

It contains all information, including SEPCO billing details, company policies, load management, daily/monthly reports, complaint management cell, bill estimator, web mail, new connection cost calculator, and get new SEPCO connection.

SEPCO customer care

In case of any complaint or if you want any information regarding company offerings, then it is very easy, you can easily reach out to any SEPCO field office or submit your queries through email or mobile phones. #071-9310795   / 071-5621633 / 071-9310921.

SEPCO Head Office

SEPCO head office is located in Old Sukkur. (Thermal Power Station Old Sukkur).

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