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How to check your PESCO Online Bill?

You can easily check your PESCO bill online by typing reference number in above input and click on View Bill button and your PESCO Bill will be shown. Now a common question is that what is a reference number? I would call it an identity number by which you can see your PESCO bills.

Where to find reference number for PESCO online bill?

To check your bills, you will need a reference number and you can easily find it on your older PESCO bills. You will find your reference number below your consumer ID on your PESCO bill.

check PESCO online bill 2023


Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) was established in 1998 and perform all day-to-day operations under the administrative control of federal government of Pakistan. PESCO operates in all civil districts of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province, covering around 4.2 million consumers.

PESCO is divided into eight major circles which is subsequent distributed in divisions and sub-divisons comprising as following

  • Peshawar circle
  • Bannu circle
  • Khyber circle
  • Mardan circle
  • Swabi circle
  • Swat circle
  • Hazara-1 circle
  • Hazara-2 circle.

Check your PESCO bill online

Checking your PESCO online bill is very simple. Copy your reference number from your old PESCO bill and paste it on the search bar on our Website. You will see your PESCO online bill in front of you. You can also check the status of your PESCO bill online.

To avoid any confusion, please remember to use your reference number instead of consumer ID.

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Pay your PESCO bill?

It is very charming to use electricity but we have to pay for it which is pretty anoyng thing but we have to pay for our spendings. You can pay your PESCO bills online and physicaly.

To pay your PESCO bills online, you will need an internet connection and your mobile phone or laptop/computer. There are multiple options to pay your PESCO bill online. You can leverage services of mobile telecome companies such as Easy Paisa, U Paisa, or Jazz Cash to pay your PESCO online bills. You can also use any online banking service across Pakistan to pay your PESCO bills online. Believe me it is the easiyest way to pay for your electricity.

Other way to submit your PESCO bills is that you will need to visit any company outlet, retailers, or any bank/micro finance centers. But a main drawback of this method is you will waste a  lot of time while standing in the long queues and wait for your turn.

PESCO also provides you an amaing service in a form of an android or IOS application. You can open company application on your smart phones or tablets and utilize all services such as finding your PESCO bills online, any company information, projects, and much more.

Is PESCO accessible on the internet?

The answer to this simple question is yes, you can easily access company on the internet by visiting PESCO website..

Do you want Email Alerts?

If you want to receive any recent news related to company policies or projects then PESCO gives its customers an amazing Email Alerts service. You can easily subscribe to company alerts by using your personal email address. After subscribing, you will receive daily updates on your email and also you will receive your PESCO online bill before dates so you will have the advantage to make any correction in case bil is not according to your meter readings.

New or Existing Connection

If you desire to have a new electrical connection or upgrade an existing one, you can submit an application.All information is available on the PESCO website.

Annoying Taxes


Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) is an adjustment in the electricity rate reflecting the fuel cost used to produce electricity. You can see FPA adjustment on your PESCO bills. It is used to guarantee that all customers pay the same rate for electricity, irrespective of the production cost.

PESCO Installments

Company gives you an opportunity to cut your PESCO bills into small installments so that you can submit all under your budget.

TR Surcharge

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (TRS) is deducted from electricity consumers on PESCO bills to recompense the electricity utility for the costs regarding charging various prices for different consumers.

Deferred Amount

PESCO gives you an opportunity by allowing customers to pay at a later date. This is for the ease of all customers so that they can pay their PESCO bills after the due dates.

QTR Tariff

Quarterly tariff adjustment amount is appeared on your bill after every quarter or 3 months.

Customer Support Portal

If you want to meet any of company customer service representative and submit your complaints, then company regional field ofiices. You can also call on their phone number which are: 091-9212010 | 091-9212028 | 091-9212523  | 091-9217576.

You can also visit PESCO field offices to highligh your issues to company representatives.

PESCO’s head office address is WAPDA House Peshawar, Shami Road, Bashirabad Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 25000

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