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What is QESCO and how to find QESCO Online Bill?

Quetta Electric Supply Company is a government electricity distribution company performed under the standards of WAPDA and is responsible to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply to Quetta city and its surroundings except for district Lasbela in Baluchistan province. QESCO was founded in 1928 by a group of private investors during the British India era, so we can call it the oldest electricity supply company in Pakistan.

Today are going to discuss the QESCO online billing:

First of all, we will distribute the whole process into steps, we will explain from acquiring your QESCO bill online to a successful submission and all customer-related concerns/queries. So stay with us, it will be a fun reading:

Qesco Online Bill

How you can find your QESCO bill online and what will you need during this process

First of all, you will need a reference number to find your QESCO bill. Now an important question, from where you can find your reference number?

The answer to this main but simple question is in your old QESCO bills, pick any old account and see your reference number right below your consumer ID. This should be an alpha-numeric number of 14 digits. Once you find it then you will need to copy this reference number and paste it into our website search bar to see your QESCO online bill.

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Pay your QESCO Bill

By following the above guidelines, you have already learned how to find your QESCO bill, now we will let you know how to pay it.

To pay your QESCO bills there are two main methods. One is the manual way and the other is an online payment so we will discuss both in detail.

  • Pay your QESCO bill manually:
    • If you want to pay your bills manually then you will need to visit any company outlets, banks, retailers, and micro-finance outlets, including U-Paisa, Jazz Cash, or Telenor Easy Paisa etc. You will visit any of the above places and submit your QESCO bills but in this method, you may face some difficulties such as long waiting queues due to rush, harsh weather, and short timings.
  • Pay your QESCO bill through an online source:
    • This method is my favorite way because I do not have to leave my home, office, or anywhere I am. You will need just an internet connection and any device such as a smart mobile phone, a personal computer, or a laptop. Visit our website, use your reference number, and have your QESCO online bill after that visit the website of any bank or micro-finance services. Once you visit they will demand your credentials, after putting in your details just click on the pay button and that’s it. Congratulations, you have paid your QESCO bill online.  

Access QESCO through website or mobile application

You can access QESCO through its interactive website and mobile application. Technology has made everything very easy for its consumers. Just visit the QESCO website and you can use all of the company services on your screen.

Nowadays, every individual has a smartphone so you can also access QESCO through their mobile application. You can perform all operations using your mobile phone such as finding bills, any company details, or submitting any complaints.

QESCO head office

If you want to submit your queries/complaints, you can contact QESCO on their mobile number, (081) 9201445, and visit any QESCO sub-office or main head office.

QESCO’s head office is 6278+96W, Zarghun Rd, Cantt Board Colony, Quetta, Balochistan, Quetta, Balochistan.

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