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GEPCO Online Bill

Dear visitor, first of all, we welcome you to this amazing GEPCO online bill guide. If you are unable to find your GEPCO bill then no need to worry, I have a very simple and easy solution for you.

Where to find reference number for GEPCO online bill?

To check your bills, you will need a reference number and you can easily find it on your older GEPCO bills. You will find your reference number below your consumer ID on your PESCO bill.

gepco online bill reference website

What is GEPCO?

Gujranwala Electric Power Supply Company is a government electricity distribution organization which was established in 46 years ago in 1977. GEPCO supplies electricity in various regions, including districts of GujranwalaSialkotNarowal, Gujrat, and Mandi Bahauddin.

GEPCO performs all operations under the rules of Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA).

Let’s Discuss about GEPCO online bill:

As you want to see your GEPCO bill online so please see the following instructions:

Visit our website to see all of your GEPCO bills either they are older or new one. Once you visit, then you will see an amazing and simple display with a search bar requiring a reference number from you.

Now the main question is, from where I could have my reference number?

So please do not worry about it, I am there to assist you in the easiest way. Just pick one of your old GEPCO bill and copy your reference number, you can find it right below the consumer ID. It is a numerical number so just copy it and put it into the search bar on our Website and press the enter button.

Congratulations! You are seeing your GEPCO bill online right now and you can now easily download it.

Pay you GEPCO bill gentlemen:

It is very fascinating to relax under AC or fans in summer and also using heater in winters to warm yourself in harsh weather but everything has a cost in life. Now comes the most annoying thing, bill payment.

There are two main ways to pay your GEPCO bills, one is an online way and other is manual way so let’s discuss both:

Pay your GEPCO bill online:

It is a very easy method to pay your GEPCO bill online as you will need an internet connection and any technical resource such as mobile phone, laptop, or a personal computer.

Visit our website by using your laptop or computer and put your reference number in the search bar you will have your GEPCO bill online there after that pay your bill through any bank site or micro-finance banking, including Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, or U-Paisa, etc.

You can also use GEPCO mobile application to pay your GEPCO bills online. Everyone has a smart phone in today’s life so it is the most convenient method to pay your utility bills.

Always remember that you can see your GEPCO online bill by only using your reference number because sometimes people gets confused with a reference number and consumer ID.

Now comes the manual way to pay your GEPCO bill:

Personally, I don’t like this method as sometimes it becomes very hectic, you will wait for hours in big queues due to rush. It doesn’t matter what kind of weather is outside, you have to go to company outlet, retailers, or bank.

GEPCO One click away:

GEPCO, is just a click away from you. Visit the company website and you will get all facilities and information. Website will give you the access to register your mobile number or email for your daily or monthly updates, duplicate bill checker, load management schedules, online new connection application, net metering, and list and information of all GEPCO facilitation numbers.

Here you will also find all company regulatory information.

Customer Support Portal

For all your queries and concerns regarding your GEPCO bill, you can contact customer support representatives their contact numbers which is # (055) 9200519.

GEPCO head office address is: 565/A Grand Trunk Rd, Industrial Estate Model Town, Gujranwala, Punjab 52250.

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